Light Gauge Steel Framework Villa Material 

  • Total Area : Floor :
  • Bedroom : Bathroom :
  • Living Room : Dining Room :
  • Garage : Friendly places


Material Details 

Material  Could Formed Light Gauge Steel 
Strength  G550
Coated  Z275
Application  All the building frames for internal wall and outer wall   floor deck  
Delivery time  15-30 days
Our Services

 Design: We owns senior buildings design team,which can provide complete solutions for house user and project developers to ensure the product's market applicability and performance advantage 

Manufacturer: We have CAD and CAM software to provide guarantee for industrialized production,high preicsion manufacturer and convenient on-site installation of house products

Installation:Our team can install the building or the house can be assembled by local contractors under supervision witht he help of full installation drawings which are supplied with each bulding

Production Flow 




Packing and Delivery 


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