Advantage of Steel Construction Building Detail

  • Total Area : Floor : 2
  • Bedroom : Bathroom : 2
  • Living Room : 1 Dining Room : 1
  • Garage : 1 Friendly places


Light steel structure is a young and very vitality of steel structure system, has been widely used in general industry, agriculture, commerce, service buildings, such as office buildings, villas, warehouses, sports stadiums, entertainment, tourism, construction and low, multilayer residential construction and other fields, but also for existing homes increased layer transformation, the lack of reinforcement and building materials area, inaccessible areas of transport, tight construction, demolition and construction can be movable, much favored by the owners, it has the following characteristics:

1) high-efficiency thin-walled lightweight profile, light weight, high strength, small footprint.
2) components and parts are all automated, continuous, high-precision production, product specifications series, stereotyped, supporting. Each part of the precise size.
3) structural design, detailed design, installation of computer simulation, factory manufacturing, site installation, with smaller time difference simultaneously.

4) Based on the above dry construction method no wet work, interior and so easy a place. Profiles after galvanizing, coating and corrosion graceful appearance, help reduce the cost of renovation and building envelope.

5) easy to expand and provide greater column spacing divided space can be reduced and the increase storey building area (residential salable area of up to 92%). In adding layer, transformation and strengthening obvious advantages.
6) a wide range of applications of new wall materials, with extensive use of lighting, good ventilation.
7) indoor plumbing electrical lines all hidden between the wall and the floor, flexible layout, easy to modify.

8) can move house, all materials can be recycled, not cause waste, consistent with sustainable development strategies.

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