Advantages Of Light Gauge Steel

  • Total Area : Floor : 2
  • Bedroom : Bathroom : 2
  • Living Room : 1 Dining Room : 1
  • Garage : 1 Friendly places


The advantages of Light Gauge steel construction are listed below:

Build ability: The usage of light gauge steel structures lessens on field works, decreases material wastage and enhances the quality of the structure.

Speed: LGS takes less construction time with comparison to bricks or concrete blocks construction. It overall saves up to 30% time for a project.

Strong but Lightweight: LGS possess high strength to weight ratio than any other material used for constructing buildings. Due to this, a large amount of reinforcement is saved during foundation construction. Moreover, it can be easily handled and moved from one place to another.
Safety: LGS possess huge safety for inhabitants. It is fire resistant and noncombustible. Cold-formed steel buildings perform better during natural disasters. Due to its light weight, buildings are designed for higher seismic and wind load.

Easy to Remodel: Remodeling of light gauge steel component can be easily attained especially partition walls can be easily shuffled, detached or even changed.

Design Flexibility: LGS offers flexibility in design as larger span lengths are available due to less weight of structure and space utilization is increased.

Consistent Material Costs: Light gauge steel members are continuously available due to which price fluctuations are minimum. Moreover, LGS costs lesser as compare to other construction materials. Reduced construction duration, reduced labor costs, reduced scrap and reduced construction waste makes it efficient and cost effective.

Furthermore, it has higher resistance against sound, fire and water. Moreover, it doesn’t have termite problem.

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