Breathing Paper of Steel Construction House

  • Total Area : 400㎡ Floor : 3
  • Bedroom : 4 Bathroom : 3
  • Living Room : 2 Dining Room : 1
  • Garage : 1 Friendly places


Respiratory paper abroad (DuPont) is called in the country also known as Dike breathable waterproof membrane, is using a special new type of polymer material, the surface material has an extremely fine porous structure, water droplets minimum diameter of about 0.02 mm, and water vapor molecular diameter of just 0.0000004 mm, the diameter of a huge difference between the two, depending on the concentration gradient diffusion difference in principle, be free of water vapor through the pores, and liquid water and water droplets because its surface tension of paper material can not breathe, so breathing paper excellent water resistance and vapor permeability properties.
Respiratory paper is mainly used for basic wood and steel structures and other buildings protection, breathing paper has excellent waterproof performance, clad in tight building envelope, to protect the building from rain erosion, effectively guarantee the life of the building.
Breathable performance
Respiratory paper can provide the best water and air and water vapor permeable isolation balance adjustment, he can reduce the chance of external walls of water vapor into the gap, and while allowing the moisture inside the building to the wall from dissipating, effective avoid mold and condensation water generated in the wall and roof, and insulation materials to ensure the effectiveness of the play, so as to achieve energy-saving effect of increasing the durability of the building.
Enhanced Respiratory paper (W5, R8): can resist the invasion of hurricanes, while providing excellent water vapor permeability properties and tear resistance, suitable for use hurricanes and extreme weather areas, it is also suitable for use on the roof.
Respiratory paper is a smart modern building materials and sustainable development
Respiratory paper Building protection systems help to increase energy efficiency, improve air quality, and enhance the overall comfort, while its manufacturing process also contributes to environmental sustainability.

Respiratory paper is to create the best building will breathe the most excellent materials.

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