The direct benefits of using light steel frame construction

  • Total Area : Floor : 2
  • Bedroom : Bathroom : 2
  • Living Room : 1 Dining Room : 1
  • Garage : 1 Friendly places


Steel is resistant, it represents incomparable resistance to moisture, fire, corrosion, storm, termites and other pests. With a highly effective galvanization process, light gauge steel profiles demonstrate durability under a range of conditions for decades. The strength of steel is unquestionable, said to be 21 times more flexible than timber and 10 times more than reinforced concrete. In addition, it is designed to offer better fire resistance and improved safety profiles. Thermal insulation can be specified to be superior to conventional brick and mortar buildings, and results in lower energy costs overtime.

Steel is practical and flexible. Light steel frame construction is a rapid construction system, it requires short lead times, minimum time on site, rapid and practical assembly without highly skilled labour or specialist equipment. The “light” construction and installation phase means that the building has less of a direct impact on the local environment, leading to less disruption over a shorter period. Given its adaptability, horizontal and vertical additions can be changed easily when required.

Steel is reliable and efficient; the construction duration is short and is not affected by season or climate. It is said that Light Steel construction can save up to 30% of the construction time. It presents limited error as all junctions are exactly 90 degrees and walls are straight. It’s light weight offers a mass saving of 90% when compared with a double skin brick wall.

Steel is ecological. Steel is made from recyclable material, so the consumption of natural resources is limited. Dismounting and portability of the material contributes to the ecology of the construction. Steel is not harmful, proven to be free of toxicological and allergic effect.

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