Electric Heating System for Steel Construction Building

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  • Bedroom : Bathroom :
  • Living Room : Dining Room :
  • Garage : Friendly places


Electric heating is to allow the appearance of the upper limit of 65 ℃ heating cable buried in the floor, the heating cable for the heat source to heat the floor or tile, the thermostat to control room temperature or floor temperature, the ground radiation heating heating, comfortable, energy saving, Environmental protection, flexibility, no maintenance and so on.
Electric heating system component, extruded plate, reflective film, steel mesh, heating cable, thermostat, temperature sensing device.

Compared to traditional heating methods, Electric heating has the following advantages:
First of all, the room temperature distribution. The floor heating method, because the entire floor is even heat, so the room temperature is minimal. And the indoor temperature is gradually reduced from the bottom up, the ground temperature is higher than the human respiratory system temperature, giving the feeling of warm feet and cool head.
Second, is conducive to creating a healthy indoor environment. The use of heat sink heating, the general water temperature above 7 degrees Celsius, but the temperature reaches 8 degrees will produce dust group, so that the top wall of heating covered with dust. The floor heating can eliminate dust and turbidity air convection, giving a fresh, warm and healthy environment.
Third, energy efficient. As the radiation of large heating surface, the relative requirements of the water temperature is low, only 4 to 5 degrees. But also to overcome the traditional heating part of the heat.
Electric heating can be used in a cold climate, keep the room warm, will not affect the housing heating. Light steel villa housing insulation and thermal insulation characteristics of the perfect combination to protect the house heat is not lost, Horsea House meets the building requirements of energy efficiency more than 75% and ensures the indoor environment being warm in winter and cool in summer.

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