Nanning Light Steel Villa Frame House

  • Total Area : 80 Floor : 1
  • Bedroom : 2 Bathroom : 1
  • Living Room : 1 Dining Room : 1
  • Garage : 0 Friendly places


Nanning is located in the south of the Tropic of Cancer, is a humid subtropical monsoon climate, sunny, abundant rainfall, frost less snow, mild climate, summer long winter short, annual average temperature of 21.6 degrees, extreme maximum temperature 40.4 degrees, extreme minimum Temperature -2.4 degrees. Light steel keel housing can be built in the hot and humid climate, light steel keel material after galvanized, not in the wet air rust, light steel housing walls of the respiratory paper also played on the light steel structure Protective effects. Light steel housing the respiratory paper is a different design on both sides, one side of the water side of the water, can effectively suck out the indoor moisture to prevent outdoor moisture into the house. To prevent light steel rust.

This building is a layer of building, an area of 80 square meters, because light steel keel light weight characteristics, we put the light steel keel housing construction in the ground one meter pile. Light steel housing has a good shock function, the light steel housing built, just like a light steel cube, each node is fixed with a screw, the earthquake will not loose the screw, effectively preventing the earthquake on the residents with To the disaster.

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