One floor Steel Construction Monks Chanting Room

  • Total Area : 100㎡ Floor : 1
  • Bedroom : 0 Bathroom : 2
  • Living Room : 0 Dining Room : 0
  • Garage : 0 Friendly places


1111 24 Housing construction Strut channels first step is to choose a flat location, generally use the concrete foundation, building houses on the land in accordance with the requirements of the drawings to build a concrete foundation, after the completion of the foundation to establish a fixed steel frame, the house was surrounded by frameworks are established, and then build the roof frame on the frame. In the mounting frame at the same time, the construction of indoor water and electricity pipes, and finally the outdoor walls, roof renovation. Earthquake and wind resistance The house meets 9 degree requirement for fortification against earthquake and can resist against 12 degree typhoon. The entire house adopts flexible structure of a light weight (about 1/6-1/4 of the traditional brick structure) and has all its joints reliably fixed with special fittings so as to greatly improve its earthquake and wind resistance performance. IMG_0553 


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