Stronger GI Villa Framework

  • Total Area : Floor : 2
  • Bedroom : Bathroom : 2
  • Living Room : 1 Dining Room : 1
  • Garage : 1 Friendly places


Stronger GI Villa  Framework

IMG_6655.jpg Our Ability

We use the most advanced steel framing system available in the world today, combining design and engineering software with an automated rollformer to produce wall frames, roof trusses, floor joists quickly and accurately.

FRAMECAD Detailer – Detailed Plans For Manufacture

Simply enter or import the dimensions and the type of frame you need, including opening sizes. FRAMECAD Detailer will then convert the information into detailed framing plans that are transferred directly to FRAMECAD steel frame machines.

FRAMECAD ProDesign produces CAD designs for cold-formed steel framing construction, complete with engineering calculations and structural analysis.


Detailed Information

Detailed  Content
Item Light steel structure frame
Strength G350, G550
Coating Z275, AZ150
Standard AS/NZS4600:2005; ICC-ESR-2364; CE-1224-CPD-0200; ATI-CCR-0130;2007 North American Specification ASD; STM A653 SS Grade 50
Manufacturing System Framecad
Application System Roof Trusses, Wall Frames, Floor Joists, Staircase
MOQ 8 Ton or Negotiable by Projects
Packing Packing as per Application System by Belts, and Reinforced by Stocks
Delivery Time 15-30 Days
Anti-earthquake 9 Grade
Anti-hurricane 225km/160MPH
Snow Load 600mm

2. (1).jpg2. (2).jpg                                                                                                                                             Good point:  

 Light steel technology and product configuration is very mature, high degree of industrialization, is the crystallization of North America nearly a hundred years building techniques and building materials industry development. Galvanized steel structures used for corrosion resistance superior durability, its life under normal use for 275 years.
Seismic performance far superior to traditional light steel concrete and masonry concrete buildings. Meanwhile, the light steel structure, light weight, weight per unit area of the same size is only equivalent to the weight of the brick structure 1/4, so its basic process is simple and suitable for most geological conditions. Steel housing no longer as worried about hazards like termites wood frame house.
Since the structure of the materials used in steel processing factory are used, the light steel structure villa accuracy is very high, a villa structure system consists of tens of thousands of members, and the average error for each member is less than 2 mm, to ensure that the quality housing, traditional construction methods can not achieve.
It has the following four characteristics:
1, the structure and stability.
2, low cost.
3, light steel villa house span space than concrete buildings span.
4, short construction period, much faster than conventional buildings.

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