The difference between the light steel house and traditonal brick house

First the resistence of the earthquake and hurricane, The light steel one, the steel material we chose is high tensile strength with the good anti-corrosion resistence performance, the light steel structure as an flexible whole one can resist 9 earthquake and hurricane 50m/s. The brick ones can not resist the same level earthquake and typhoon.

The build time, Assemble of light steel house is uncomplicated and does not require any specialist equipment or particular skills. We will offer all sets of assemble and install drawing, in which you can learn the label and position of each light steel stud. Or we can have our engineer to guide the construction on site. The whole building process is under dry construction.  The quick installation helps recovery money rapidly of all the light gauge steel real estate projects. Prefabrication makes different components precisely connected to reduce the possibility of mistakes and errors.

Then the last obvious different is Fire safety, Exterior wall materials and insulation materials, full use of A-class non combustible fireproof material, Exterior wall fireproof duration for more than 2 hours, The inner wall fireproof duration for more than 1 hour


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