FAQ for the light steel framing buildings

What should we offer to build a LGFS buildings, show us the sketch drawing if you have, or your reuqirements such as the area, the usage and how many floors of the house. How can i ensure the cost the buildings, First we need confirm the design scheme, then we need confirm the material and the quntity for the material, because different materials with different cost.

It need how many times to build a light steel framing house, Because all the frame componets design and manufature with high precision and controlled by the computer, each truss with pre-punched riveting hole and lables, just ready to use, no extra work need on site. For example, a 200house, 5-6 people will need 1 month to finish it. Will need just 1week to finish the whole structure work.

Does this house stable, the raw material, we use is G550, 275G, which is light but with high strength, and perfect galvanized technology to realize the anti-corrosive. And also all the connections and fastennings adopts the special one. Also the frames be designed and produced to meet the strict load conditions. So it can resist 9 earthquake and 225km/160MPH. So it is stable.


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