Haze and light steel houses

Into the winter, many cities in China were haze haze, haze weather has seriously affected people's daily lives, so how is it formed haze? The latest data show that Beijing haze particles in motor vehicle exhaust accounted for 22.2%, coal accounted for 16.7%, dust 16.3%, industry accounted for 15.7%. From Beijing, a city can be reflected in other cities in China fog haze situation.

Building dust, winter heating coal gas emissions, building production furnace emissions from combustion, accounting for 33% of haze particles, Huxi light steel housing in the production, construction and heating process, to achieve zero emissions .

Light steel keel production, the use of cold-rolled forming technology, the entire process without dust emissions, unlike the traditional brick production process to produce a lot of dust and dust.

Made of Latex paint, Putty, Gypsum board, Orienten strandboard, Lightbag steel joist, Glass cotton, Orienten strandboard, Respiratory paper, Wooden, Extruded board, Metal engraving. The building will not produce any dust, Protect the environment, but also to protect the health of construction workers.

Light steel housing heating, the use of electric heating and air conditioning heating, wall material in the Glass cotton, Metal engraving has a good thermal insulation function, and the electric floor heating and air conditioning can be matched with a good indoor temperature does not dissipate, energy saving Environmental protection, but also automatically adjust the room temperature, suitable for human habitation.

Light steel houses
Energy-efficiency: Complying with the standard of building energy efficiency of 75% and above.
Water-saving: Dry operation can save 90% of the water consumed in the traditional construction method.
Material-saving: 90% of the materials can be recycled and reused.
Land-saving: The carpet area is increased by 10% and more.
Environmentally friendly materials: The house is built with 100% new materials and both its production and use can meet the requirements for environmental protection.
Recycling: More than 90% materials can be recycled to eliminate a large number of construction waste generated when the building comes to the of its service life.

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