Horsea light steel frame roll forming machine

Horsea machines are full computer controlled so all the frame components be produced high precision with the very little waste. Each truss with lable and pre-punch riveting holes. It means that it is easy and fast install. The quick installation helps recovery money rapidly of all the light gauge steel real estate projects. And easy to operation with little maintenance.

Light Gauge Steel (LGS) is typically thin sheet (generally 0.5mm to 1.5mm thick) of high grade steel that is roll formed into various sizes for construction. Roll forming produces light but very high tensile steel studs and the steel surface is galvanized (Zinc coated) to seal it from the corrosive action of its environment. These factors result in a material that is solid, rigid, strong, durable and easier to build with; characteristics which are replicated in the building itself. Each wall or truss component is individually processed and labeled to fit into the frame assembly needing nothing more than the screw or rivet fasteners. The buildings can be constructed from a single machine including all the walls, trusses and lattice floor joists.

The Frame Machine eliminates the traditional manual labour intensive method off frame assembly and completely processes and labels every frame component ready for assembly. Horsea Frame Machines are capable of producing Walls, Floors and Trusses to provide a total steel building solution. Quick and easy to assemble and erect. Cost effective. 100% recyclable. No cutting or waste on site.Reduced On Site labour and skill requirements.


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