Horsea we are also the professional machine manufacturer, specialized in the light gauge steel roll forming machine, the machine can offer the turnkey solution from CAD structure design and trusses and the project execution, Our production system is integrated from Vertex, world

leading LGS design software, and its buildings comply with the building codes of Australian, New Zealand and other developed countries, and with the building design standards of cold roll formed thin walled steel (LGS) Horsea keeps a strict control of quality and efficient construction. More and more demands for Horsea shows that Horsea's light gauge steel house will bring our

contractors a high profit and praise.

Horsea Machines place all punching and fixing holes through accurate computer control. This not only allows Frames or Trusses to be manufactured with extreme precision but enables the frame to be self locating and jigging. 

The quatity of light gauge steel frame used in Horsea house projects can be calculated by CAD drawing and the production is strictly controlled by computer. The accuracy of the size can reach to the level of millimter which makes it easier to construct.

 Horsea Integrated House Technology Co.,Ltd


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