Horsea one- stop light gauge steel framing buildings

Horsea offers the customers the full building materials for building the finish house. Horsea offer you the turnkey solutions for the finish house. It do not need to waste your time and your energy.

Horsea house innovates the traditional business model by integrating design, general contracting.

When considering overall project benefits including structural integrity, speed of construction, its resistance to fire, mold and termites, its sustainable eco-friendly advantage and the fact it is used in many parts of the world across varying climates, this is certainly a modern and innovative solution worth considering for your next project.

While the material scores high when it comes to environmental sustainability, economic sustainability is another key reason for its rising popularity. Light gauge steel construction has come as a boon to the contractor of today, who has had to deal with an increasingly fluctuating economy, with tightening purse strings. The prefabricated load bearing elements in steel provide for high quality, at reasonable prices. Not only this, steel also helps in shortening the construction period to a great extent.

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