LGS building compare with the Brick and Timber

Steel framing has many advantages over conventional brick and timber structures. A completed house using an internal steel frame, typically clad with exposed face brick or painted plastered finishes, is virtually indistinguishable from homes built using conventional South African techniques.

It is also estimated that steel framing saves substantially on building costs, mainly owing to reducing construction duration and eliminating a large portion of inefficient site labour. The client saves owing to reduced damage clean-up cost, holding charges and ongoing mortgage costs.

Quality is another aspect that differentiates steel framing from conventional building methods. Steel frames are produced only from computer-aided design (Cad) software, which ensures that all elements of the home conform to the designer’s plans and also allows optimum design freedom.

We manufacture LFS trusses, wall panels & floor joist's. We also manufacture IBR widespan, Corrugated & IBR sheeting in Galv, ZincAl or various colours, sheets can also be cranked to the clients spesification. 

Reduced wastage, lower logistical costs and reduced time of construction could offer cost savings of 15% or more, compared with conventional building.


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