Is the light gauge steel buildings comfortable enough

Warm in winter and cool in summer. Heat Insulation Ventilation and Damp proof, Advanced thermal preservation technology—— “Double Thermal Preservation + Double Compartment” structure, One-way ventilation layer is set between main structure and exterior wall board, the dampness can be discharged to the outside but can not enter from the outside.

Sound Insulation, multilayer wall consists of different material with different thicknesses, Sound insulation of external wall is over 55db, and sound insulation of internal wall is about 52-53 db, Sound insulation standard exceeds five-star hotels.

The structure steel framework and bolts adopt high-proformance anti-corrosion technology, can prevent the main structure from being corroded.

The entire house adopts flexible structure of a light weight( about 1/6-1/4 of the traditional brick structure) and all its joists fixed with special fittings so as to prevent earthquake of 9 level and hurricane in speed of 50m/s.


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