Why light gauge steel framing buildings can resist earthquake and hurricane

The material for steel structures adopted G550, galvanized 275g which is high-performance anti-corrosion technology, also with hign tensile strength. Even the connections and fastenings adopt the hign standard and quality. 95 years of structure safety, the entire house adopts flexible structure of a light weight and has all its joints fixed with special fittings so it can resis the 9 degree earthquake and hurricane 50m/s. 

The special software of the production line can calculates the loads of the structure and every components is designed and manufactured to meet strict design load conditions. This means your light steel buildings will handle all the load requirements of your location. Properly designed and built metal buildings have withstood hurricanes, and all kinds of extreme conditions. 

Reminding that when you consider purchase the light gauge steels, please know that the steel pecifics such as the model of steel, the thickness, tensile strength, galvanized coating and the availability of pre-punched rivets are all good factors of a quality material. 


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