The light steel framing house is not only the buildings

The advent of the light steel frame building (LSFB) method has been one of the most exciting developments in the international building industry in recent decades. Used increasingly across the USA, Australia and New Zealand, it was introduced to South Africa only relatively recently. The local mainstream building market has been cautious in accepting LSFB, yet the building method’s manifold advantages – substantially faster construction time, energy and cost efficiency, and significant environmental benefits – are grabbing the attention of a growing number of industry players.

This light gauge steel buildings is the new concept, it is a hign technology, it is green, We offer you the turnkey buildings and the technology of assemble method, and the machines which manufacture the light steel materials and the trainning of how to install the house and how to use the machine. Not only offer you the products and also the skills and technology support.

Other advantages are that all the wall frames are specifically designed and engineered for the exact place of installation. LSFB also ensures a cleaner and safer site during construction and material handling is easier as fewer and lighter materials need to be moved. 

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