Material & Housing Integration

Horsea House has fully realized “materials & housing integration”. Different from many other domestic housing
companies which purchase materials from suppliers, Horsea House has its main structure and key parts independently
manufactured by famous building materials company in the world Therefore, Horsea House can ensure the overall
quality of its houses and create a complete industrial chain with its products applied to the Olympic Games, World
Expo, local landmark buildings and five-star hotels.

Integration of Design, Production and Construction

Horsea House innovates the traditional business model by integrating design, general contracting, professional
subcontracting, building materials supplier and building materials manufacturer together to allow customers to
save energy and reduce transaction costs and provide customers with one-stop professional services.

 Design: Horsea house owns senior building design team, which can provide complete solutions for House user and project
developers to ensure the product’s market applicability andperformance advantage.

Hourse has CAD andCAMsoftware to provide guarantee for industrialized production, high precision manufacture
and convenient on-site installation of house products.

Our team can install the building or the house can be assembled by local contractors under our supervision
with the help of full installation drawing which are the supplied with each building.